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    Kathy Deitsch 

A Community-wide Listening Tour

My campaign is about you - the stakeholders of Mercer County.

Everyone who lives, works and visits Mercer County is a stakeholder in the wellness of our county. Listening to you and encouraging people to listen to each other is key in my campaign to become your Mercer County Commissioner.

Odd as this sounds, I believe voters are largely disregarded in American politics. Voters and their lives should matter. They should be far more important than the people who represent them. I want to get to know YOU, to hear YOUR stories, YOUR thoughts and ideas. What are YOUR questions? What are YOUR concerns?

Imagine a small group of your friends and others sitting around your kitchen table or comfy chairs in your living room. You will introduce me as your guest before everyone shares their name. Then you will introduce a topic of concern, and share your story. After everyone listens, you welcome questions and encourage others to share their experiences. Our Listening Tour is as simple as that. We get to know one another, sharing laughter, enjoying new friends, and hearing about their concerns. I will post our tour stops on my website and share concerns people have expressed (anonymously, if so desired).

We all have opinions about things close to our heart. Let's be open to getting to know one another as community, sharing our opinions and concerns.

So, I'm asking you to make a conscious effort to listen to your neighbor, your friends and other citizens. When was the last time you asked yourself or another, "What are my concerns in my community? What challenges do we face? Where could we do better? What is important to me? What am I willing to do to make my community better?"